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company profile

We manufacture quality ensure industrial container recontioning and disposal service for storage drums. Our stringent quality control are in accordance with department of enviromental provision and ensured enviromental friendly handling highly durable industrial drums. We will maintain our standard to manufacture high quality industrial drum.


Established in 2003


Mr. Tew Kok Heng has 13 years of experience in this industry. He started his business at year 2003. Before Transdrum Enterprise, Mr.Tew established KH Tew Trading. By that time, KH Tew Trading main business is trading or recycled materials, plastic product, metal product,wood product,hydraulic oil paints, hardware and oil palm.

Mr. Tew changed KH Tew Trading to Transdrum Enterprise on year 2005 to expand his business.  Not only that to provide quality assure recon drums but also high discipline on waste management. Transdrum is emphasis on environmental protection thus we have the ability to handle the license offered comply by the Department of Environment (DOE) code SW409.

View our license below:

Lesen Kemudahan Pemerolehan

Lesen Kemudahan Penstoran


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